Cycle Fit Japan

Cyclefit Japan is a web page highlighting the services offered by Charles Wiesner

Charles passion is to improve your efficiency and enjoyment of riding your bicycle through
ergonomic bicycle positioning, mechanical support and efficiency training using techniques
he has acquired and developed.

Cyclefit Japan is based in Nagano prefecture of Japan and also has locations throughout
Japan with the capability to provide its services anywhere, even from the comfort of your

Charles began working at Pacific Bicycle a top 100 retailer in the US that sponsored professional cycling team Kelly Benefit Strategies and its own Elite Womens Triathlon Team . It was here his passion for bike fit and mechanics budded. He was mentored by Eric Pritchard for several years. Eric was always willing to teach Charles in the ways of ergonomic bicycle fit and in turn Charles worked as an apprentice helping him during his fits changing saddles, stems or whatever he could do to help so he could watch and learn. Eric would later go on to open a shop with John Cobb. Eric was taught his skills by a person who learned directly from Andy Pruitt.

Later on Charles would go to a shop called Big Swingin Cycles. This is a high end shop in San Francisco that focuses on building custom dream bikes and really enhancing the shop to consumer relationship. Here he helped many Category 1 riders including the Irish National Time Trial Champion. This is where Charles was able to pursue his certification from USA Cycling as a Certified Race Mechanic and Certified Event Official by attending an intensive course offered at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. It was here that he was taught by top industry professionals how to perform as a professional race mechanic. In Colorado Charles met the director of Mavic Service Course. One month later he was riding in the yellow Mavic car at one of the longest running top professional and stage races in America, The Redlands Bicycle Classic.

Wanting to work more as a mechanic in the professional peloton, Charles sought out work for On Support, a neutral service outfit based in Minnesota. Charles worked at the Nature Valley Grand Prix Stage Race as a mechanic and also assisted the company with the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge, a ride consisting of 100 people that travels from San Francisco to La Jolla California over 6 days. At this ride Charles assisted team Garmin Slipstream, Floyd Landis and other top athletes. Other events include helping Stuart Hall High School mountain bike team at the California State High School Mountain Bike Championships and working with his shop at their own cyclocross race, The Lion Of Fairfax.

He also completed a two week internship with renowned bike fit expert, the Bike Fit Guru, Chris Balser. Charles immeadiatly was in tune with everything Chris purveys. Comfort, efficiency, injury prevention and rider feedback to make the bike fit the athlete, not the other way around. These are the keys to Bike Fit. He also was taught one on one by Bikefit Systems founder and Olympic Gold Medalist Paul Swift. He received his certification as a Certified Bikefit Pro from Mr. Swift.

In Japan he has worked for team Rapha Speedvagen along side Portland Bicycle Studios. As a Bike Fit Technician and assistant coach in Japan he worked with Eperformance. He is also known by the web based Tokyo Cycling Club as a trusted bike fit professional going by the handle name ProRaceMechanic. Twice he has led the Shine On! Charity rides from Chino to Norikura, Japans most epic mountain to ride on that happens to be in his backyard. Currently he is the mechanic for the Peugeot Neil Pryde Lacasse Pro Cycling Team. Some home bases for Charles fit services are Nagano (Ina, Matsumoto) Tokyo (Shinjuku, Setagaya), Yokohama (Yokosuka AFB) Okinawa (Nara MCB) but can travel anywhere.

Charles is a father of two wonderful children and he lives in Japan. He enjoys riding his bike and racing with his club team, Equippe Azumino coached by National Champion on the road and track as well as World Championships competitor, Kazou Oishi.
Charles Races road, cyclocross and track and hosts bicycle tours around Nagano.

If you see him at the races don’t hesitate to say hello!


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